4 Easy Steps To Always Save An Extra 50% On Groceries Without Ever Visiting the Supermarket Again

4 Easy Steps To Always Save An Extra 50% On Groceries Without Ever Visiting the Supermarket Again

In these uncertain times, where the prices of everything are skyrocketing, the last thing you want is to not be able to afford quality groceries. How do you not just survive but save an extra 50% percent on your shopping each and every time? Follow these simple steps and thank us at the end.

1. Forget About Regular Supermarkets, Think Online Grocery Service

An Online Grocery Service is basically a grocery store that allows online ordering of grocery items: fruits, vegetables, canned foods, cleaning products, frozen foods etc. through a website or an app. Some of the advantages of an online grocery service over a regular supermarket is the reduction of the environmental impact of food transport and the ability to provide you with a more personalised shopping experience withon-demand support, personalised discounts etc. Konzoom is the best online grocery service in Ghana with over 20 product categories and a wide variety of quality local and foreign brands to choose from. We are an eco-friendly service, and our customer service is unmatched.

2. Make Sure The Online Service Can Deliver Faster Than Your Trip To The Regular Supermarket

It is not enough to just find an online grocery service, you have to make sure that they can deliver faster than the time it takes you to go to a regular supermarket or mart and back; I would guess that time is at least 90 minutes (coming from an overly optimistic person). If the service can’t deliver in less than that time, then it is a waste of your time. Don’t do it! - Time is money. I won’t even mention next day delivery. It is as bad as starving. Konzoom is not just an online grocery service but a rapid grocery service, which means that we deliver your groceries to your door in 60 minutes. Here are a couple of reviews to attest to that fact:

3. Get Your Maths Skills Ready For Price Comparison

I promise I won’t scare you like your maths teacher did but it is a very important piece of the puzzle. It is a good practice to compare prices from at least two(2) sources before deciding to purchase any product or service at all. Grocery shopping should not be an exception. The downside though is that it can take you hours and all your maths skills to compare prices of your shopping list, day after day or week after week, depending on how often you like to shop for your groceries. What if you didn’t have to think about any of this and trusted the grocery service to always have the most affordable products, saving you about half the money you would have spent elsewhere? Konzoom is your plug. We have the most affordable quality grocery products on the market. All products you find on our website are heavily discounted and the price comparison against major regular marts and supermarkets is clearly stated, so you never have to waste your time with the most time consuming and boring task on the planet.

4. Control How You Pay

We are all a little sceptical about paying for goods and services online, and the rate at which we hear stories of fraudulent activities only makes it worse. Online payments can make you limitless with regards to where and how you shop online, but only if you - the customer is the boss of it. You should always have control over how you pay for your groceries online, and one advice I would give you is to always use the “Cash-On-Delivery” option for first time purchases. Once you build trust in the service, you can go ahead to use all your favourite payment methods like MOMO, Visa Card, MasterCard etc, which means you should choose a service that offers you the flexibility of multiple payment options. Konzoom’s payment gateway offers you a lot of options including Cash-On-Delivery, MOMO, local bank cards as well as foreign bank cards. You are always in control.


Congratulations, you made it to the end and now feel like a soldier ready for combat. It would not be fair to you, if we did not provide you with an assignment. So, head over to Konzoom with the discount code KZSAVE50 for a FREE DELIVERY(min. order GHS 120) on your first order, and get another coupon after your first order is placed.

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